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Kuedo - Dream Sequence EP [2010, vinyl, planet mu]

15 february 2010
lbl: Planet Mu
#: ZIQ262
dubstep, wonky
topaz [8.0]

1. Starfox
2. Shutter Light Girl
3. Joy Construction
4. Glow

producer: Jamie Teasdale aka Jamie Vex'd

note: "Moving even further away from the Vex'd moniker—a name he shared with a fellow dubstep producer, Roly, across the industrially lauded Degenerate album for Planet Mu—the man formerly known as Jamie Vex'd is now releasing music under the Kuedo guise. But while the name may be slightly different, Dream Sequence holds plenty of similarities to the In System Travel EP, namely the fact that the music on it is of the skewed hip-hop variety, rather than the oppressively heavy, soundsystem-testing dubstep type. 

Marking his move into more fluorescent climes last year with his Sunday Walkman mixtape for the Lucky Me collective—which featured artists like Joker, Zomby and Darkstar alongside Cannibal Ox and Erykah Badu—Jamie hasn't looked back since, intently developing his production work into a fusion of off-key melodies, slow slumping drums and layers of sounds that are easy to lose yourself within. [...] " - Oli Marlow, read full review.

[fixed / 10 march 2010]

buy it here. [£4.79]

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