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Actress - Splazsh [2010, 2 x vinyl, honest jon's records]

17 may 2010
lbl: Honest Jon's Records
#: HJP50
wonky, experimental, dubstep, techno

1. Hubble 
2. Lost 
3. Futureproofing 
4. Bubble Butts and Equations 
5. Always Human 
6. Get Ohn (Fairlight Mix) 
7. Maze 
8. Purrple Splazsh 
9. Senorita 
10. Lets Fly 
11. Wrong Potion 
12. Supreme Cunnilingus 
13. The Kettle Men 
14. Casanova 

producer: Darren J. Cunningham

note: "Werk Discs manager Darren Cunningham, AKA Actress, will release his second album this May on Honest Jon's Records.

Cunningham has been an active member of the UK's underground music scene since the turn of the millennium, both as an artist and a label head. He cut his teeth DJing alongside Kode9 at Hyperdub's early club nights, then released his first record as Actress in 2004. That same year, Cunningham launched his record label, Werk Discs, which pressed early 12-inches by Starkey and Radioclit as well as Zomby's first full-length. In 2008, after four years of silence, Cunningham released Hazyville, a stark and enigmatic debut album whose title perfectly suits its general aesthetic. On record, Cunningham's sound is murky, rough-edged, and unpredictable–a style he describes as black world wizardry and that's earned him comparisons to Theo Parrish, Newworldaquarium and Anthony 'Shake' Shakir

According to Cunningham, Splazsh will be more stylistically diverse than his debut album. "Hazyville was heavily locked into a certain mood aesthetic," he said in an interview with Resident Advisor. "[Splazsh] is not a concentrated sound working from the same palette. It's blocky and dispersively fragmented." The new record will be available on vinyl and CD as well as via digital download. " - RA News, 31 march 2010.


[11 11 2014]

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