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Ross 154 - Until My Heart Stops [2004, vinyl, m>o>s recordings]

18 march 2004
lbl: M>O>S Recordings
#: mos0002
deep house, minimal techno, electro, oldschool

A. Until My Heart Stops...
B. Kaoz

producer: Jochem Peteri aka Newworldaquarium

note: "[...] Till my heart stops" is probably the older of the two, and has survived the humid environment of the mystical washing facilities rather well. I guess he likes to shower long, but never too long. "Kaoz" is a small part of the now infamous "My old piano" sessions at the hangout of Haarlem DJ-collective Kaoz Connection, which where heavily inspired by KLF, The Orb and J-J-J-jack fever. Named after the always-present Diana Ross evergreen "My old piano" on 33rpm these sets they were a pretty mad mix of live electronics and odd tunes, and always ended in either a neighbourhood riot or a civilized police-request. Unfortunately most of these sets are lost forever, but somehow someone managed to press record while the 154 was doing some serious knob twisting. [...] " - distributor.


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[official site, REPRESS, € 8.00]

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