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Claudio Mate - Dub Island [2009, vinyl, dpress industries]

april 2009
lbl: Dpress Industries
#: DPRESS 035
dub techno

A. Dub Island (Original Mix)
B1. Dub Island (Quantec Remix)  
B2. Dub Island (Echoreshape Mix)
total time: 22:12

note: "Claudio Mate's voyage to 'Dub Island' results in an exemplary eight-minute dub techno piece, produced to perfection with all the requisite bass curvature and low end presence. There's an unusually insistent line in reverberant, compressed percussion running through the track as well, really bringing the production to life. By comparison, Quantec's take on the mix is a little more run-of-the-mill, but once again its a masterful command of the dub-techno art-form. Topping off all this is the 'EchoReshape' mix, bringing a more flattened out, energised 4/4 feel that's still loaded with layer upon layer of ambient texture. An excellent EP."



buy it here. 
[Rush Hour Store, €10.50]

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