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Pariah - Detroit Falls / Orpheus [2010, vinyl, r&s records]

april 2010
lbl: R&S Records
#: RSLTD1001
dubstep, uk garage

A. Detroit Falls
B. Orpheus

about producer: 'Pariah is a 21 year old music producer called Arthur Cayzer originally from Scotland and now living in London. We don’t know much about him, but we do know his tunes are amazing!'

note: "The two tracks on this debut single were the his first ever finished productions and snapped up by R&S under the noses of a whole bunch of interested high profile labels. They continue the R&S tradition of releasing forward thinking electronic music, and follow the lineage of Aphex Twin, Model 500, Patrick Pulsinger and Derrick May.
The two tracks on this single wear the influences on their sleeve, referencing the hip hop beat collages of Dilla and the moody atmospheric 2 step rhythms of Burial, but still contain the rich Pariah DNA which will be even more apparent on his future R&S singles. The stuff we have heard so far has blown our socks off taking influences from sources as diverse as Levon Vincent, Fennesz and classic Detroit techno as well as the likes of MJ Cole and Steve Gurley.
Already a name on the lips of the hip blog crowd (featured on Pitchfork, Gorilla Vs Bear, No Pain In Pop and Rcrd Lbl) and in demand on the European underground DJ circuit this debut 10” is likely to become a collectors item and catapult him onto much bigger things." - label.


yt preview:


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[R&S Records, official, £5.49]

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  1. 2 top tracks, much thanks for the long preview.
    keep up the good work.


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