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Kris Wadsworth - The Electric Truth [2009, vinyl, morris / audio]

12 march 2009
lbl: Morris / Audio
#: morris audio 64
deep house

A. Sweatin' Cold  
B1. Soulution  
B2. Shootin' Moves

note: Kris Wadsworth has been a busy guy since his Morris/Audio release in May 2008. Releasing chart-topping tracks on hot labels like Hypercolor or Adult only (plus forthcoming stuff on Millions of Moments and Brut! To name but a few), Kris also turning out to be one of the most world's most watched artists. Now, Detroit's KW is back again to release on his favorite imprint, Morris/Audio! "The Electric Truth" is a continuation of where the first EP's "Det Sound" and "Sorta' Down" tracks left off. " How often does your set exorcise a motherfucker?", says the sample in "Sweatin' cold". It's Kris's trademark moods and funky-ass electric shit coming to fruition. "Soulution" is just what the play on words would suggest. Fat-ass electric beats and a surprising ansformation that is possibly a definition for tech-house. "Shootin' Moves" lends itself from Kris's checkered background. A distinct urban feel, yet refined enough to shock the life back into the chin-strokers. The "truth" be told on this one."



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[Juno.UK, £7.99]

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