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Brendon Moeller - Big Shot [2009, vinyl, connaisseur recordings]

lbl: Connaisseur Recordings
#: cns031-6
dub, techno, tech-house

A1. Big Shot Dub

A2. The Boost

B1. Big Shot

B2. The Urge

note: "Brendon Moeller skanks out on a big-room dub-techno flex with the 'Big Shot EP' for Connaisseur Recordings. The title track is executed with the srt of spacious quality and expect you'd expect from Moeller, building mammoth dub-chords over powerful kicks, while the 'Big Shot Dub' switches to a dub-rolled skanking breaks mode with broken-garage syncopations and the requisite amount of stretched Berlin dub-chords. To keep the dance heavy 'The Boost' and 'The Urge' make their mark on the 'floor with strong and uplifting variations on the dubby tech-house theme."

big shot of brandy, please

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