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Convextion - Romantic Interface [2007, vinyl, aw-recordings]

may 2007
lbl: AW-Recordings
#: AW-008
techno, dub, electro

A1. Translucent Blue Display
A2. Laconic
B1. Salmo
B2. Consumer Identity

Producer - Gerard Hanson

note: "The excellent A-side begins with 'Translucent Blue Display', which tears through its six-minute duration in a rolling charge of manic rhythms and robotic squelches. Wrapped in luxuriously lush pads that veil a mechanical infrastructure, the cut somehow manages to simultaneously be both futuristic and retro. 'Laconic', meanwhile, picks up where Convextion’s brilliant guest spot on DeepChord’s 'Vantage Isle' LP left off. Constructed out of milky delay feedback, shifting bass weight and chords that build into a pulsing frenzy, this is blunted techno imbued with a bit of Basic Channel’s spirit, and the result is fantastic.

Unfortunately, the tracks on the flip are merely serviceable efforts that ape classic Detroit ('Salmo') and the ambient-tinged electro of early Aphex Twin ('Consumer Identity'). Marred by questionable baroque flourishes – perhaps intended to mask their mediocrity – neither track manages to achieve the effectiveness of the rest of the release."

dancing on stained glass for ancient gods

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