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A Made Up Sound - Rework / Closer [2009, vinyl, a made up sound]

october 2009
lbl: A Made Up Sound
#: AMS001

A. Rework

AA. Closer

Producer - Dave Huismans

note: "There’s a soulfulness and deep-space drift, thanks in large part to those chords, yet there’s nothing “open” about this track. A layer of textural percussion exploits this brilliantly, ball-bearing beats ricocheting slowly, as though floating in zero gravity, but each soft crash describes the limits of the track’s dark, confined space. As with “Rework,” you could describe “Closer” as some kind of hybrid, but don’t let’s get hung up ontology. The record itself seems to be the product of a wearing down, through contact, of the divisions between musical muses. The “unlearned” palette on display on this record is rough, but very refreshing." - Chris Burkhalter, Little White Earbuds.

eraser cafe

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