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Funkadelic - Maggot Brain [1971, vinyl, westbound]

november 1971
lbl: Westbound
#: WB 2007
funk / soul, rock
psychedelic rock, funk

A1. Maggot Brain
A2. Can You Get To That
A3. Hit It And Quit It
A4. You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks
B1. Super Stupid
B2. Back In Our Minds
B3. Wars Of Armageddon

Funkadelic: Eddie Hazel , Garry Shider, Tawl Ross (vocals, guitar); Bernie Worrell (vocals, keyboards); Fuzzy Haskins (vocals, drums); George Clinton , Grady Thomas, Raymond Davis, Calvin Simon (vocals); Billy Nelson (bass instrument); Tiki Fulwood (drums).

free your mind and your ass will follow

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  1. Maggot Brain is really the best thing they ever did...and that IS saying something.


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