piątek, listopada 20, 2009

Kit Clayton - Lateral Forces [2000, vinyl, vertical form]

lbl: Vertical Form
#: VFORM005
dub, techno, experimental, minimal, abstract

A Izmit

B1 Quindio

B2 Nantou

Producer - Joshua Kit Clayton

note: "
While some unions of dub and electronica result in acoustics weighed down by sofa-rattling drones and scratches, Kit Clayton treats music as a process rather than a soundstage. Here Clayton subjects the previously released 12-inch Lateral Forces to digital rejiggering: He slices, stretches, overlays, and multiplies the original recording's grooves in 40 minutes of play, creating an entirely new auditory experience."

discernible vibrations, moves on to the epicenter

if you like it, support the artist and buy this music here.

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