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The Sight Below - Murmur EP [2009, vinyl, ghostly international]

27 october 2009
lbl: Ghostly International
#: GI-92
techno, dub, ambient

A1. Murmur

A2. Wishing Me Asleep

MP3-4. No Place For Us (Eluvium Remix)

MP3-5. At First Touch (Simon Scott Remix)

Producer - Rafael Anton Irisarri

note: "The Sight Below comes close to recording a “real” dance track with “Murmur,” slipping a skipping syncopation and an honest-to-god bass line into a roiling cloud of distortion. “Wishing Me Asleep” incorporates bits of strings into the mix for a touch of cinematic melancholy."

4/4 texture-kicking

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