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Untold - Gonna Work Out Fine EP [2009, 2 x vinyl, hemlock recordings]

october 2009
lbl: Hemlock Recordings
#: HEK005
dubstep, wonky

A. Gonna Work Out Fine

B1. Stop What You're Doing

B2. Don't Know. Don't Care.

C. Palamino

D1. No One Likes A Smart-Arse

D2. Never Went Away

Producer - Jack Dunning

note: "The result is a Dr. Moreau-like hybrid, with useful parts of other creatures fused to its central chassis – unnatural perhaps, but strangely beautiful nonetheless. The title track is an aberration of elastic bass tones, airy chimes and the roar of a toy dinosaur, and despite the schizophrenic dynamics at play ‘Don’t Know, Don’t Care’ still manages to sound sultry, swinging its hips over a classic piano break like UK funky’s somewhat troubled cousin. Like his close contemporaries at Hessle Audio Dunning is rapidly re-configuring an entire genre, moving ever further from the generic half-step template into a blurred area that’s both dancefloor-ready and startlingly musically inventive. And as if there was any more evidence needed ‘Gonna Work Out Fine’’s centerpiece ‘Palamino’ provides it, a midnight waterfall of glassy bleeps that rushes from speaker to speaker, the rhythm catching in tiny eddies and sudden rips as it heads toward the sea."

skull shaka

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