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GD Luxxe - The 21st Door [2003, cd, interdimensional transmissions]

lbl: Interdimensional Transmissions
#: IT 16 CD
electro, experimental
vbr ~256kbps

1. Minds
2. Hydrolic Buildings
3. My Guiding Ghost
4. Changed Body
5. (Angels)
6. New Definition
7. Pain & Love
8. Future On DVD
9. Keep Me
10. Cold Mines
11. (Busy)
12. Which Side Are You On?

Producer - Gerhard Potuznik

note: sążnisty roboerotyk z nutą chłopięcego zagubienia.

"On this continuation of his experiments into live instrumentation mixed with electronics, GD Luxxe picks up where 2004's excellent Between Zero and Eternity (on the Ersatz Audio imprint) left off with a mixture of electronic-tinged rock inspired by the post-punk and new wave heroes of decades gone by (e.g., Gang of Four, Joy Division, Wire). But rather than pander and follow derivative, formulaic blueprints to emulate these artists, Luxxe (aka Gerhard Potuznik) takes bits and pieces of inspiration and throws them into his already distinctive sound. The results are about as good, if not better, than any of this CD's obvious influences who are still attempting to make music today." ~ Rob Theakston

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