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Steinhoff & Hammouda with Dionne - Touch [2009, vinyl, smallville records]

3 june 2009
lbl: Smallville Records
techno, minimal, deep house

A. Steinhoff & Hammouda With Dionne - Touch

B. Steinhoff & Hammouda - You Are (Jus-Ed U.Q. Euphoric Remix)

note: "As one of the founders of the Smallville Records retail store and record label, Hamburg’s Julius Steinhoff has a proven ear for quality when it comes to forward-thinking dance music. The same refined taste can be detected in Steinhoff’s handful of collaborations with Abdeslam Hammouda (and, in this case, Dionne as well). Last year’s “Tonight Will Be Fine” EP was built of cottony hums, cascading melodies, and patient grooves. Their sophomore EP offers warm, deep house to get lost in — a perfect compliment to the immersive, deep techno of the year’s other Smallville release. The undeviating repetitions of the title track’s cheap-sounding piano stabs lend a touch of minimal, but also summon a cloud of magician’s smoke, diverting our attention from developing modulations in the percussion that discretely reward a full play to the end. By the time the sunny, “woo-woo” vocals begin five minutes in, we only faintly perceive how far we’ve come." - Chris Burkhalter, Little White Earbuds.

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