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Bvdub - Where to Now [2008, vinyl, million of moments]

13 october 2008
lbl: Millions Of Moments
#: MOM 010
dub, techno, idm
mohs hubscale: corundum

A. Where To Now [For Milo]

B. Way Back When

producer - Brock Van Wey

note: "[...] While so much dub techno often seems shackled to the foundations of sub-aquatic echo and white noise hiss laid down by Basic Channel, van Wey steps effortlessly to the side and instead floods his tracks with sweeping emotional waves and big, partially arrhythmic kick drums that still manage to retain a dub aesthetic. His latest pair of singles on Styrax imprint Millions of Moments doesn't break with his distinctive sound, but rather crystallises it into pure downbeat bliss. [...]" - Chris Mann.

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