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Marko Fürstenberg - Blofeld EP [2009, vinyl, ornaments]

4 may 2009
lbl: Ornaments
dub, techno, deep house

A. Valentino
B. Tiffany's Case

note: "Valentino" is the more dub-oriented of the duo, with muted steel drums littering the percussive element of the track and clicks reverberating around like ricocheting bullets. The low and bouncy bass is accompanied with a metallic soundscape, vocals echo "Level One" and "Level Two" which I'm afraid to say are accurate about where this venture peaks.

The real gem is found on the flip of this transparent, marbled vinyl. "Tiffany's Case" starts with a synth line that paves the way for the rest of the journey. Fürstenberg modulates and tweaks it, using it to signal the coming of further elements. The skippy hats accompany his signature claps, which make a welcome return here. He teases the listener over and over, finally letting it come to a climax close to the end, by which point even the most stubborn of feet will be moving with glee. True club fodder." - Ross Jackson.

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