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Son's Of The Dragon - Son's Of The Dragon [2008, 2 x vinyl, son's of the dragon]

october 2008
lbl: Son's Of The Dragon
#: SOTD 01/02
electro, techno, detroit

A1 Motor City Matrix

A2 Motor City Matrix (Edit)

AA1 Motor City Matrix (SP12 Mix)

AA2 Dancing Stars

A The Evolution (San Mi)

AA The Journey (Qui Niu)
+ Night Sky

note: "Whoever the Sons Of The Dragons are, however, there’s no question they know their way around some classic Detroit sounds and arrangements. The centerpiece here is “Motor City Matrix,” appearing in three mixes (including the brief down-tempo “Space Edit”) over the first record of the set. The original is a super-slick trip into Transmat territory, with percolating synths popping over the beat as the rhythm becomes the melody itself. The more stripped-down SP12 mix injects some more space, echo, and funky junk in the trunk, resulting in some extra cosmic goodness woven with the tough steel frame that all good things from the D are built upon. The second record features two long percussive workouts which serve as mirror images of each other: “The Evolution” and “The Journey” are similarly structured and executed along an ever-twisting spine of perpetually rolling beats and pulsing synths, with the latter introducing some very effective gauzy dub elements to the mix and the former keeping things in a bit crisper focus." - Little White Earbuds.

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  1. This track still sounds fresh! Thanks for opening my ears and eyes to this artist!


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