środa, grudnia 16, 2009

Omar S - Detroit - Fabric 45 [2009, cd, fabric]

16 march 2009
lbl: Fabric [London]
#: fabric89
house, techno
mohs hubscale: emery

1. Polycopter (Unreleased)
2. Flying Gorgars (Unreleased)
3. Strider's World
4. Oasis Four (Unreleased Mix)
5. Crusin Conant (Unreleased)
6. U (Unreleased Mix)
7. Oasis 13½ (Unreleased Mix)
8. 1 Out Of 853 Beats (Unreleased)
9. Simple Than Sorry
10. Psychotic Photosynthesis
11. The Maker
12. A Victim
13. Oasis One
14. Blade Runner
15. Day (Unreleased Long Mix)
16. Set Me Out

producer: "A few assholes are talking about "Oh, Omar-S. He did the same thing as Ricardo Vi-vi--...." whatever the fuck he's called. I don't even know who Ricardo Willalobo is." - Alex Omar Smith.

'His music isn't unlike his public persona-- brash, bitter, soulful, and vaguely threatening. The tracks collected on Fabric 45 aren't funky, but they have a zombie-like imperative to them. [....] It's not conservative, it's gutter, it's flamboyant.'

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