czwartek, grudnia 03, 2009

Son's Of The Dragon - The Journey Of Qui Niu [2009, file, echospace [detroit]]

lbl: echospace [detroit]
#: echospace 313-LE-2-d
techno, dub

1. The Journey Of Qui Niu (Cv313's The D Mix)
2. The Journey Of Qui Niu (SQX Mix)
3. The Journey Of Qui Niu (Phase90 Reconstruction)
4. The Journey Of Qui Niu (Intrusion's Lost Dub)

note: "Son's of the Dragon debuted last year on a mysterious white double vinyl. This cv313 rework plays off the original version but adds a low end throb so deep it could shake the heavens, a rhythmic shuffle which begs you to move and a hypnotizing symphony of lo fi sonic destruction, its totally menacing. The new SQX project debuts with a killer, taking a different approach to the original, they use the synthesized textures as warm sonic fragments. Its as if they were building a sonic puzzle but changing all the pieces around while assembling, leaving us with a rhythmic synth workout of the highest order, for your mind or the floor."

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