wtorek, grudnia 22, 2009

Floating Points - For You [2009, vinyl, eglo records]

february 2009
lbl: Eglo Records
#: LG001
dubstep, hip-hop, house
mohs hubscale: corundum

A. For You

B. Radiality

producer - Samual Shepherd

note: "The sexy slo-mo house on Floating Points' much-hyped second release applies a tried-and-true production formula: sample, filter, rinse, repeat. The feeling produced by hearing the fruits of application can only be "my God, it's a formula for a damn good reason." On "Love Me Like This," Floating Points transforms the eponymous Reel to Reel sample into an irresistible laser-soaked hip-shaker, reminding you that sometimes all you need is an old tune no one remembers, a pair of analog filters and a dream." - William Rauscher.

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