wtorek, grudnia 22, 2009

Opium - Pain(t) [2009, cdr, databloem]

lbl: Databloem
#: DB09023
ambient, experimental, ritual
mohs hubscale: chromium

1. Empty
2. Over Tibet
3. Formiche
4. Linee
5. Azure
6. Aseptic

producer - Matteo Zini

note: "Now opium, by greatly increasing the activity of the mind, generally increases, of necessity, that particular mode of its activity by which we are able to construct out of the raw material of organic sound an elaborate intellectual pleasure...It is sufficient to say, that a chorus, etc of elaborate harmony displayed before me, as in a piece of arras work, the whole of my past life - not as if recalled by an act of memory, but as if present and incarnated in the music; no longer painful to dwell upon, but the detail of its incidents removed...and its passions exalted, spiritualized, and sublimed..."

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