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STL - Checkmate [2009, vinyl, echospace [detroit]]

december 2009
lbl: echospace [detroit]
#: Echospace [detroit] seq1
dub, techno
mohs hubscale: boron

Checkmate (cv313 Remix)
Checkmate (Original Mix)
A Beautiful Mind

producer - Stephan Laubner

note: "I wouldn't claim to know everything about vintage analogue signal processing, but I can safely say that this record is "warm." The title track is the darker of the cuts, while Modell and Hitchell's 313 remodel employs a more prominent 4/4 slug for the dance floor. There is a profound ambiance, meanwhile, to be found on the B-side, "A Beautiful Mind." It's a long-playing marvel, a delicately crafted piece that will enchant and inspire through its 17 minutes of outer-worldliness.

Checkmate has an intricate handmade feel. As the kicks and bass implant themselves into your psyche, the details start to unfold. Fitting, perhaps, to this time of year; it is cold outside in these parts of Europe and in the contemplative sounds here you will find rain, icy peaks and sounds of the sea that will leave you with shivers. Shown the time it deserves—this EP will become another good friend from the Echospace catalogue."

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