środa, grudnia 16, 2009

Echologist - Snow Blower [2009, vinyl, steadfast]

Industrial Architecture by Michael Wolf

7 december 2009
lbl: Steadfast
dub, techno, minimal, tech-house
mohs hubscale: beryl

1. Dirt
2. Giant
3. Swell
4. Ritual
5. Dirt (Area Elevation Remix)

producer - Brendon Moeller

note: "This release sees him taking off the kid gloves and offering up four slabs of massive dancefloor oriented techno that take what he accomplished on the much praised Jazz Space EP to the next level. The A side of the EP kicks off with the unrelenting and funky dub techno workout dirt. YES, funky dub techno! The background white noise in this track reverberates and ricochets it's way throughout the track creating an irresitable flow. Following that is the sub-aquatic sounding giant with a wall of sound reminiscent of volcanic larva flowing downhill. Side B kicks of with a nod to Maurizio, but with a shoegazing feel that's as hypnotic and psychedlic as techno gets. The final track on the EP is the most traditional track in terms of a no nonsense straightforward groove, but is a DJ tool destined for big rooms worldwide. The crisp oscillating synths make this track come alive."

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