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Emptyset - Acuphase EP [2007, vinyl, future days]

february 2007
lbl: Future Days
#: DAY2
techno, experimental
hubscale: chrysoberyl [8.5]

A. Acuphase

B. Displacement Activity

Emptyset - James Ginzburg & Paul Purgas

note: "Hailing from Bassbin central a.k.a Bristol, Emptyset embarks on some serious low end techno manoeuvres working in the same clinical vein as Sleeparchive or any of the finest Berlin producers, but heavily dosed up with a low swung squarewave subbass reminiscent of Claro's warehouse sessions or James T. Cotton's moodier compositions. These are some undeniably heavy jackers that will find a spot at the front of any minimal/micro/techno head's box." - distributor.

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