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Four Tet - There Is Love In You [2010, cd, domino]

25 january 2010
lbl: Domino
#: 0202542
house, experimental, leftfield, downtempo, minimal
hubscale: topaz [8.0]

01. Angel Echoes
02. Love Cry
03. Circling
04. Pablo's Heart
05. Sing
06. This Unfolds
07. Reversing
08. Plastic People
09. She Just Likes To Fight

producer - Kieran Hebden

four tet's official site

note: "You have to admire Kieran Hebden for sticking so rigidly to his vision. Back in 2003 the London-based producer made an album called Rounds, which became rather more popular than he’d envisaged due to its winning mix of beautiful, organic-sounding melodies and novel, cleverly-manipulated samples. Radiohead invited him out on tour, tracks from the album began to pop up on everything from sportswear ads to television gardening shows, and Hebden looked set to become a quasi-household name.

Instead, two years on he released Everything Ecstatic, a record that upped the beats-per-minute dramatically in a bid to counteract the unlovely term ‘folktronica’ he’d been saddled with, and any suggestion of commercial intent. Those listeners who abandoned Four Tet at this point may want to give There is Love in You a spin, however, because, as the title suggests: the bliss is back. [...]" - Si Hawkin for BBC Music.

[fixed at 25 jan.]

buy it here.

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