wtorek, stycznia 12, 2010

Studio 1 - Studio Eins [1997, cd, studio 1]

march 1997
lbl: Studio 1
#: STU CD1
techno, minimal
mohs hubscale: boron

producer - Wolfgang Voigt

note: "Besides his aesthetic sensibility and prodigious work ethic, one of Wolfgang Voigt's greatest strengths as a producer is his ability to make powerful statements. As the recent re-release and reassessment of his towering, elegiac Gas project has shown, the workhorse of Cologne techno can flesh out theoretical ideas on a grand canvas without overlooking craft and composition.

He can also, obviously, carve and reduce music down to its essence, and his Studio 1 (Studio Eins) project, an array of vinyl singles released in the mid-'90s, may be one of his masterworks. This collection, differentiated by its Pantone-esque range of colored cover art, has since proven to be as much a musical framework as it is a sonic palette. Showcasing a crisp take on techno and a dub-inspired investigation of space, these tracks' grooves are the DNA for a plethora of subsequent recordings." - Patrick Sisson.

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