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Ruins - Hyderomastgroningem [1995, cd, tzadik]

lbl: Tzadik
#: TZ 7202
experimental, math, avant-garde
mohs hubscale: chrysoberyl

1. Hyderomastgroningem

2. Brixon Varromiks

3. 0'33"

4. Economic Mond Possa

5. Pig Brag Crack

6. Prrifth

7 Pontemcorary Music #1

8. Zurna Taksim

9. Comme A La Radio

10. Gravestone

11. Memories Of Zworrisdeh

12. Skyscraper

13. Dolnnen Vlast

14 Stone Eater

15. Pontemcorary Music #2

16. Del Fanci Kant

17. Bonze From Hell

18. Speed Ball

19. Ordinary People In Idaho

20. Bliezzaning Moltz

Bass, Vocals - Ryuichi Masuda
Drums, Percussion, Vocals - Tatsuya Yoshida
Engineer - Martin Bisi
Mastered By - Allan Tucker

note: "Along with the Boredoms, Naked City and very few others, this amazing drums/bass duo are masters of quick-change, stop/start tempos, time-signatures and textures. Ruins' explosive and intricately composed tunes are sung in a peculiar language of their own invention. Hardcore, art rock, psych, heavy metal, funk and lots more - if Ruins have heard it, they are likely to incorporate it into their music. Yoshida cites Magma, This Heat, Debussy and Webern as influences. Masuda's favorites are James Brown and Fred Frith." -Tzadik.

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