wtorek, stycznia 26, 2010

Machinefabriek - Slovensko [2010, cdr, machinefabriek (white)]

25 january 2010
lbl: Machinefabriek (White)
#: none
abstract, experimental, drone
hubscale: beryl [7.8]

1. Slovensko 1
2. Slovensko 2
3. Slovensko 3
4. Slovensko 4
5. Slovensko 5

Recorded and edited by Rutger Zuydervelt.

note: "[...] A whole other story is the 7” release Slovensko that he recorded for Eat, Sleep, Repeat which is based around field recordings taken during a trip through Slovakia in September 2009. Completely unlike his recordings from Israel which got released as Tapes of the day here he searched for unusual sounds, opposed to street recordings.
While the music contains this natural feeling, things also sound really abstract and rough. At one moment you can be hearing some birds twitter, while at others a gigantic loud noise is shredding your ears. [...]"
- Earlabs.

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