piątek, stycznia 15, 2010

Julio Bashmore - Um Bongo's Revenge [2009, vinyl, dirtybird]

9 december 2009
lbl: Dirtybird
#: db032
tech-house, minimal, techno
mohs hubscale: chrysoberyl

Um Bongo's Revenge

World Peace

note: "[...] ‘Um Bongo’s Revenge’ is devastating in its very simplicity, and its chameleon-like nature ensures that you’re likely to hear that cartoonish voiceover in a huge range of DJ sets in the early half of 2010.

By way of contrast to the A-side’s oddly anthemic charms, the aptly named ‘World Peace’ moves into more subdued territory, generating a more contemplative atmosphere a little reminiscent of Berlin’s Rhythm & Sound label. Less overtly dancefloor oriented, it swells with shimmering melody and a downtempo warmth that remains hanging in the air long after the track’s end. [...]" - Rory Gibb.

yt preview:

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