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Hieroglyphic Being - Machines For Lovers EP [2004, vinyl, spectral sound]

5 october 2004
lbl: Spectral Sound
#: SPC-12
techno, abstract, experimental, electro, house
hubscale: chrysoberyl [8.5]

1. The Strenuous Life
2. Apple
3. Machines For Lovers
4. Sex And Robots

producer - Jamal R. Moss

note: "A deep and jacking look at classic house/techno sculptures, Hieroglyphic Being has tapped into the raw source material of the genre and infused it with new vitality. Inspired by Ron Hardy, and literally educated by legends, Adonis and Steve Poindexter, Hieroglyphic Being carries the torch of Chicago’s history and does so in dramatic fashion.

The EP’s opener “The Strenuous Life” recalls a Scott Joplin rag tune, transposed into the 21st century. While cuts like “Sex And Robots” grind and clank with brilliant syncopation.

An unrivaled voice for modern house music." - Ghostly.

donkey-kong in da house

buy it here.

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