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Kirk Degiorgio - Jitter World [2009, vinyl, abstract forms]

15 june 2009
lbl: Abstract Forms
#: AFS_00.4
mohs hubscale: corundum


Back In My Head


note: With Luke Slater in firing form and Kirk Degiorgio returning, you'd be forgiven for thinking a UK '90s techno revival was under way. 'Jitter' shows that Degiorgio is as relevant as ever; the title track is a layered deep house affair centred on a swinging rhythm; 'Back in my Head' mines the abstract As One sound with sublime melodies unfolding over a wiry, offbeat groove and 'Traject' is a full-blooded deep techno track.

DJ Magazine - August Issue No. 476. Review by Richard Brophy.

[limited to 200 copies]
buy it here. [discogs]

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