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F - The Untitled Dub [2008, vinyl, 7even recordings]

december 2008
lbl: 7even Recordings
#: 7EVEN06
dubstep, dub techno
hubscale: boron [9.5]

The Untitled Dub


producer - Florent Aupetit

note: "Dropping in mid-January during the post-New Year lull, the second single from F on French label 7even Recordings has slowly burnt a white hot hole in the dubstep-techno radar alongside the utterly blistering first instalment from last year. Praised highly by Mary Anne Hobbs, amongst others, F is rapidly becoming a point of reference and a sought-after producer. It's easy to see why. While dubstep-techno crossovers are nothing new, the quality of production here sets the mysterious Monsieur/Madame F. Aupetit in the upper echelons." - Chris Mann.

yt preview:

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