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Al Tourettes - Dodgem / Sunken [2009, vinyl, apple pips]

october 2009
lbl: Apple Pips
#: Pips008
dubstep, techno

A. Dodgem

AA. Sunken

Producer - Alec Storey

note: "Deep tripping techy styles from Apple Pips with their second drop of the week. Al Tourettes hails from Bristol and follows in that rich heritage of electronically enhanced bass music, folowing the tech-stepping lineage from the Full Cycle crew or Tech Itch through to Peverelist and RSD with two intricately programmed and darkly tinted killers. 'Dodgems' on the A-side is more compatible for the dubstep crew with skittering 140bpm syncopations also belying an electro influence from the likes of Two Lone Swordsmen and Ae, while the flipside cuts into a tricky techno groove reminding of Kontext with a more driving intent. If you've checked any of Appleblim's DJ sets recently you'll have no doubt heard both these cuts rinsed out." - Boomkat.


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