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Wax - No. 20002 [2009, vinyl, wax]

25 june 2009
lbl: Wax
#: WAX 20002
techno, dub, deep house



Producer - René Pawlowitz [Shed, STP]

note: "When the first Wax record hit the scene roughly a year ago, it sent vibrations running through the techno community. The mysterious two track EP that appeared on the shelves of Hardwax quickly found its way in to the bags of prominent DJ's and subsequently became one of the hot must-have items of last year, appearing on charts the world over. But the mystery remained: Who was the producer behind the two-tracker? Shortly after Shed's solo album came out on Ostgut, though, people began to put the pieces together, and the unknown production finally had a face to put to the name."

yt preview:

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