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Claro Intelecto - Metanarrative [2008, cd, modern love]

february 2008
lbl: Modern Love
#: LOVE038CD
dub, techno, minimal

1. Operation
2. Harsh Reality
3. Innocence
4. Before My Eyes
5. Gone To The Dogs
6. Nodrex
7. Dependant
8. Beautiful Death

Producer - Mark Stewart

note: "The first Claro Intelecto album, the electro-dubtronica record Neurofibro, came out four years ago. Since then, Mark Stewart has relocated from Ai Records to the deeper trenches of Manchester’s Modern Love, which last year put out his much drooled over Warehouse Sessions series. Pounding, floor-friendly and sharply produced, that series of four 12-inches delved into the darker sides of techno and electro, but Metanarrative is something different again. Where the Warehouse Sessions were functional, Metanarrative is emotional, although, in typical Claro Intelecto style, it is an album distilled from an extensive array of influences—electro, IDM, Detroit techno, Berlin dub techno." - Janet Leyton-Grant, RA.

after clubbing

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