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Claro Intelecto - Chadderton EP [2009, vinyl, modern love]

september 2009
lbl: Modern Love
#: Love057
dub, techno

A1. Chadderton

B1. Above

B2. Great Day

Producer - Mark Stewart

note: "Chadderton sees Stewart in a more upbeat mode. Like label mate MLZ, it sounds like he has been listening back to old US deep house records: the title track is a smoky groover, with Stewart giving his own interpretation of the drugged out tones and textures of '90s house label Guidance in a framework based on static, glitchy percussion and a chugging dub techno rhythm. "Above" sees Stewart in moodier form as layered chords build and build over one of his trademark cavernous drum patterns and a more uptempo approach than the prevalent mood on the Warehouse Sessions series." - Richard Brophy, RA.

in common with vibes

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