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Eskmo - Let Them Sing / From The Standpoint [2009, vinyl, planet mu]

november 2009
lbl: Planet Mu
#: ZIQ253

A. Let Them Sing
B. From the Standpoint

Producer - Brendan Angelides

note: "Brendan Angelides, aka Eskmo is a San Francisco based music producer who records music that’s influenced by both Dubstep and older grime, with a strange added x factor and an instinctive pop feel. "Let Them Sing" mixes together stuttering, whirring half-step drums and bass with a strange whirring melody that speeds up and slows down throughout the track, backed up with warm sunbeam like chord. The intense trance-like feel of the track is relieved by the dropping in of a neat vocoder vocal for a makeshift chorus. It’s an unusual track that coils and uncoils the tension throughout, masterfully releasing and tightening the pressure. Track Two "From The Standpoint" mutates what sounds like a vocal culled from a new age meditation cd into a weird hypnagogic electronic melody, while chords spiral and drums ebb and flow underneath. Like "Let Them Sing" the listener is drawn through several stages, from an intense massaging build up, into a period of release completed with that sonic signifier of calm; birdnoise. The track then drops into an extended period of the vocal, as the chords accompany in all their strangeness. It’s like an extremely artful and arch take on the utilitarian grime technique of changing the track every 8 bars."


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