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King Midas Sound - Waiting For You [2009, cd, hyperdub]

9 november 2009
lbl: Hyperdub
#: HDBCD003
dub, dubstep

01. Cool Out
02. Waiting For You
03. One Thing
04. Earth a Kill Ya
05. Dahlin
06. Meltdown
07. I Man
08. Blue
09. Goodbye Girl
10. Lost
11. Sometimes
12. Outer Space
13. Miles & Miles

note: niesamowicie nudna, klimatyczna przepierka z king midas sound.

"The two early King Midas Sound EPs gave some idea of pair’s universe, yet, developed on a much fuller scale here, it hits repeatedly hard throughout. Right from the opening moment of Cool Out to the dying shards of Miles & Miles, Kevin Martin creates an incredibly haunting and hypnotic soundtrack upon which Roger Robinson hangs expressive vocal parts. The result is an oddly emotional nocturnal record, with enough poignancy to give label mate Burial a run for his money. Expect to find this gem his on many end-of-year lists." - themilkfactory.

[link fixed, 8 dec 2009]

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  1. is this the evolution of the good old trip hop? I feel the old massive attack in this album.
    i thought it was shit but i have to change my mind, my apologies!!!

    Respect to your blog....and the link is down!
    big up


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