wtorek, marca 23, 2010

Addison Groove - Footcrab / Dumbshit [2010, vinyl, swamp81]

17 march 2010
lbl: Swamp81
#: Swamp005
beryl [7.8]

A. Footcrab
AA. Dumbshit

note: "Addison Groove aka Headhunter has made an absolute beast here, taking hyperdelic 808/909 drum machine grooves and big bass then applying it all to dubstep."

buy it here.

3 komentarze:

  1. not even worth a free download, that bad

    btw, great job in sharing digital releases, loser

  2. Its a matter of taster or lack of taste.
    And, no, not released digitally yet. Vinyl Only. Check your facts.

  3. don't donwload stuff and then hate on the uploader you fucking shit!

    i love this release and why should you blame the uploader?! dumbass


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