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Stephan Laubner / Ric Y Martin - Sommerpause [2000, vinyl, perlon]

lbl: Perlon
#: PERL 13
techno, minimal techno
corundum [9.0]

A. Stephan Laubner  - Portside Waves
B. Ric Y Martin  - Sini Est

Stephan Laubner & Ricardo Villalobos

note: "Although I bought this release for Ric Y Martin when it came out, I found myself playing Stephan Laubner's track in 95% of my sets. This track, yet simple, has an incredible feeling in a club and it is not a surprise to see many DJs also playing it to spice up their set. One detail that I love about Laubner's track is the port sounds played in a loop, through a lofi effect. Very well done, certainly a classic of the genre." - pheek.

yt preview:

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  1. been seeing this pop up here and there very recently. is it being repressed possibly... the STL track is great!!!


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