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Robag Wruhme - Dreiklangkapriolen [2010, vinyl, musik krause]

22 february 2010
lbl: Musik Krause
#: MK 31
minimal techno, electro, experimental, acid
chrysoberyl [8.5]

A1. Dakktylaff
A2. Impetus
B. Colby Nekk

producer: Gabor Schablitzki

note: "Why are the vocals on techno tracks pitched so low? Ask Marc Houle. For house music, you'll have to go to the infinitely stranger Robag Wruhme, who pitches someone saying "house music" and "everybody gonna rock the party vibe" down to frigid depths in what must be the least uplifting party jam released in 2010. The track is called "Colby Nekk," and like most of Wruhme's work it sounds like little else. Wruhme has never been much interested in the way that his tracks will fit into any DJ set other than his own wandering journeys. 

That's why he can get away with the forlorn foghorn coda to "Colby Nekks" or "Impetus"'s impatient electro with a delicate side. It's unclear what the hell is going on with "Dakktylaff" at all. Nominally techno, it sounds like a successful take on what Wolfgang Voigt was attempting on Abweichung, scattered drum hits and industrial blurts arranged into a satisfying whole. Still one of dance music's most entertaining and surprising artists, Wruhme's work here reminds us of what happens when artists stop thinking about the floor and start getting indulgent. Clearly, we could use quite a bit more of that. " - Sam Louis.

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