piątek, marca 26, 2010

Dollkraut - Loot [2010, vinyl, doppelshall]

january 2010
lbl: Doppelschall
#: DPS004
house, deep house, downtempo
chrysoberyl [8.5]

A1. Loot (Original Version)
A2. Loot (Krause Duo Remix)
B1. Precious Fool (Scott Remix)
B2. Precious Fool (Original Version)

producer: Pascal Pinkert

note: "Dollkraut aka Pascal Pinkert is back with another great EP after his previously successful release Cheveux Noir on Sound Architecture. Once again he shows his ability to produce a unique blend of house influenced by soul and jazz. Loaded with warm and analogue sounds paired with his intuition for solid vocals and sampling. The remixes featured on this record are done by two swinging tag-teams. First of all the well known Krause Duo (Freude Am Tanzen/Musik Krause) with a edgy sharp jacking remix. On the B-Side Scott (The Gym/My Best Friend/Fluid Ounce) turn the downbeat track Precious Fool with their jazzy twist into a dancefloor anthem."

yt previewCHECK IT!


buy it here.  [Clone Records, € 7.99]

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