wtorek, marca 09, 2010

STL - Things From The Basement [2010, vinyl, something]

march 2010
lbl: Something
#: Something 11
deep house, dub techno, experimental, techno
chrysoberyl [8.5]

A1. Vintage Hunter
A2. Wasabi Flavoured
A3. Too Slow
B1. In My Dreams
B2. In My Dreams [ Intrusion Dub ]
B3. Loops 1-3

producer: Stephan Laubner

note: "The STL project continues with warm, soulful and dirty sounding tracks from the basement. This record features five moving deep chicago flavoured house tunes, plus the always appearing dope loops on the b-side. Oldshool stylish melodies between raw and colourful beats, channeled through vintage hardware equipment direct to your ears. Evolving percussion patterns will make you get inside the groove and feeling of each track. Things for the dancefloor and moody listening places. Ruff house music without any frills! Besides the great STL tracks, there is also a dubby remix from Intrusion [ echospace.detroit ] on the flipside, which will get you even deeper into sound."

buy it here. [€ 8.99]

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  1. Love your blog, and this is a fantastic post. I'm a huge Laubner fan myself!! Listening to "Dub Techno Explorations"...it's pretty amazing :)

    I saw one of your older posts re the Perlon split w/Ric Y Martin...I had the same experience! I bought it for them, but absolutely fell in love with "Portside Waves" instead


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