wtorek, marca 16, 2010

LV & Untold - Beacon [2010, vinyl, hemlock recordings]

15 march 2010
lbl: Hemlock Recordings
#: HEK007
corundum [9.0]

A. Beacon
B. Beacon [Mount Kimbie Remix]

note: "The much in demand collaboration between LV & Untold finally hits wax, backed with a stunning Mount Kimbie remix. Possibly the most minimal tune to date by either artist, "Beacon" rolls on a bare bones set-up of deep swung bass, barely-there percussion and simple bleep-track melody. In the true spirit of the original dubstep pioneers, making very little sound very BIG. On the flip Mount Kimbie deliver a stunning remix. Layering a heap of their trademark melody onto the intro, following that with an instantly memorable rave hook, then easing us out gently with some sweeeet R&B inflected chopped vocals. Stunning stuff. Big support across the board by Mary Anne Hobbs, Ben UFO, Ramadanman, Gilles Peterson, Brackles & Shortstuff , Rob Da Bank and more."

yt preview:

buy it here. [£5.99]

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