wtorek, marca 30, 2010

Motorcitysoul Feat. Ernesto - Deliver Me Remixed [2010, vinyl, simple records]

february 2010
lbl: Simple Records
#: simple 1046
deep house, tech-house
topaz [8.0]

A. Deliver Me (Prosumer Reprise)
B. Deliver Me (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)

+ Original & acoustic versions

note: "Following previous releases on Will Saul's Aus and Simple imprints, Motorcitysoul give up the deep house opulence of 'Deliver Me' backed with remixes from Prosumer and Kruse & Nuernberg. It's the Panorama Bar resident's mix that tops the pile, giving 'Deliver Me' a raw and spacey vibe while resetting the rhythm to a supple perky shuffle in classic Prosumer style. This one's for the singalong crew! Kruse & Neurnberg meanwhile show up a straight-playing house version and there's even an acoustic version which we could imagine Craig David blerting over."


buy it here. [files, traxsorce]

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