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Inch-time - Aurora [2010, vinyl, static caravan]

15 march 2010
lbl: Static Caravan
#: VAN201-12
ambient, downtempo, dub, minimal, acoustic, glitch
tourmaline [7.3]

1. Aurora 
2. Crystal Visions 
3. A Handful Of Dust 
4. Suspended 
5. Aurora In Dub

producer: Stefan Panczak

note: "Inch-time is Stefan Panczak, a London-based Australian with a penchant for multi-textured electronica. After a string of releases including two full-length albums, and curating the "Teaism" compilation also on Static Caravan, as well as sound tracking the latest National Express advertisement comes this twelve-inch with five new tracks and a spoonful of jazz-tinged melodic nous. 

The creeping, nocturnal title track bubbles with a dark intensity, its brooding sensibility at odds with the clicks and whirrs which skitter throughout on this stately slice of icy electronica. An echo-laden dub version is even more eerily atmospheric and reminiscent of Robin Saville, if he was organising his garden tools in the shed on the night of a full moon. The sprightly "Crystal Visions" provides contrast, being feather-light and wafted along by crinkled beats, though there’s still an insidious feel lurking in the background, before briefly floating into the realms of exotica in a way that would surely have pleased Martin Denny. Meanwhile, "A Handful of Dust" takes swirling, repeated melody patterns to craft a quietly precise composition, sculpting sounds to form a beautifully layered concoction of rhythms, twanging guitar and a host of otherworldly sounds. "Suspended" twinkles with barely-concealed malice, its minute-long running time feeling like an extended intro to one of Tortoise’s more lugubrious excursions. Pattering rhythms duel with ghostly bass, all anchored by a chiming melody which coils tightly before fading out to reach a hushed climax." - Static Caravan.

buy it here. [£ 6.49]

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