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Christian Löffler - Heights [2009, vinyl, ki records]

14 april 2009
lbl: Ki Records
#: KI001
deep house, minimal techno
corundum [9.0]

1. Heights
2. Silent Night
3. Ghost
4. Fade

note: "Ki Records is proud to announce its very first release with a great donation by germany’s Christian Löffler, who is running strong with two digital EPs in the last six months on Pawel and Turner’s Orphanear Records. Christian Löffler is at his best in this latest release, easily spanning the range from deep house to techno by keeping a harmonic sound structure over all four tracks. The EP has already received positive feedback by the Smallville and Kompakt record stores and DJs and producers like Michael Mayer, Pawel and Tobias Thomas.‘Heights’ has been released on limited vinyl (500 copies WW) as well as a digital four track EP. The vinyl comes in a hardcover sleeve featuring Christian Löffler’s own artwork." - Ki Records.

yt preview:

buy it here. [released in 500 copies / discogs]

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