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Christian Martin - Ghosts [2010, vinyl, trapez]

8 march 2010
lbl: Trapez
#: TRAPEZ106
minimal techno, dubstep
tourmaline [7.3]

1. Ghosts
2. Song For Pop
3. Work

note: "Christian Martin marks his first appearance on Trapez with this piece of music which is quite different from most of what we get today. The title track 'Ghosts' feels like as if Klaus Nomi and Kraftwerk were performing together... something we would have loved to have seen but which never happened. This track is not not for the people who love it safe but for the adventurous and the wicked. Voices like sirens striking with high pitched tongues being counteracted by basslines with a surface that can only be described as rough as chunks of splintered steel. A brilliant stop and go feeling shows that Christian Martin is the master on the steering wheel when it comes to controlling the movement. 'Work' is a groove box, a cool dubbed out steady going beat that never stops, never rests. A track that you will need when playing on after-hours. A track that does not let you down. Sometimes it gets really cool, quirky, silly and goes into acid... crystal clear, sharp as a diamond."


buy it here. [Phonica, £ 7.99]

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