sobota, marca 13, 2010

Virgo - Virgo [1989/2010, 2 x vinyl, rush hour recordings]

march 2010
lbl: Rush Hour Recordings
#: RH-TX1 LP
chicago house
tourmaline [7.3]

A1. Do You Know Who You Are
A2. In A Vision
B1. Going Thru Life
B2. Take Me Higher
C1. Ride
C2. School Hall
D1. Never Want To Lose You
D2. All The Time

note: "Rush Hour's remastering treatment isn't particularly drastic, but those of you weighing up whether to grab the original issues may be interested to hear that the new version has crisper highs and a slightly punchier low-end, and unlike the Trax originals, the double pack will definitely have been pressed on virgin vinyl. Nevertheless, it's a shame that Rush Hour didn't think to include any extra bonus tracks, such as the vocal versions of "Do You Know Who You Are" and "In a Vision," or their two contributions to 1993's Lost Trax compilation. Radical Records CD issue has proved either difficult or expensive to get hold of in recent times, and if you're a vinyl-buying house music fan and don't already own this seminal body of work, it's a perfect opportunity to pick up a quality pressing. Merwyn Sanders has always maintained that they've continued to produce music, and with this reissue giving him and Eric Lewis the recognition that they deserve, hopefully we'll see more Virgo gems make it to vinyl in the near future." - Richard Carnes.

buy it here. [€16.99]

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